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Default Re: Score Article: Bargnani's Impressive Defensive Numbers

Originally Posted by RaininThrees
Pretty much.

Improvements in his weak side D on its own would help his rebounding without any specific work put into that 'skill', I feel (better overall positioning and awareness will simply put him in better positions to grab rebounds), but I don't really see that improving at this juncture of his career (barring the use of a very large whip from Casey).
Agree 100% with both what you and Q have said. That good help D is crucial for your starting PF/C. That's not even to say that you have to be a great help defender. All he would have to do is to show some awareness, know how and when to rotate and be in position... and hell in todays day and age he wouldn't even have to learn how to block shots without fouling. Just get there in time and put his hands straight up in the air and even take the charge if need be. But his effort level is deplorable and his bball IQ leaves much to be desired. So I can't say i'm magically expecting this to happen in year 7.
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