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Default Re: Pistons Roster Not Finished?

Originally Posted by el gringos
Thanks- I guess I didn't think of trading Villenueva for picks. What kind of picks do you figure you could get for him? My thought is on a contract you don't really want it would be tough to get picks but interested in what you think you could get

It would be extremely tough, especially since most of the teams that would potentially be interested would probably have less cap space than Detroit. Right now Charlie isn't worth too much. They could maybe get a late first rounder but it's tough to say. I just don't want to keep trading for players that aren't difference makers. It's kind of like the BG trade. Sure I'm glad that he's moved on. That's probably good for him and Detroit. But getting Maggette doesn't really make me all that excited. It's really just a band aid for this year so we have someone who can play multiple positions and back up Stuckey and Prince. I'm not overly excited about the potential FA's next year and I don't see any potential big time players who are going to be available via trade so right now I think the way to fix things is through the draft.
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