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Default Re: Transformers: Fall of Cybertron

Originally Posted by Rose
Yep. damn I would have played it with you if you were a 360 guy. I can never find a reliable group of people to play it with. Too many damn 12 year olds on it.

The ammo refill guy would piss me the hell off, from playing other games I'm kind of used to not getting health anymore. Typically I'm the medic now in most games I play. Like you, I just can't believe more people on ISH aren't playing this game. The first one was terrific, especially for it being the first, and a relatively new game studio doing it.

How long was the campaign? longer than the first? the campaign from the first game was a 5-6 hour one basically if I remember correctly.
Definitely longer than the first, 10-11 hours.

Only 1 person has this on my friend-list so far, I have a mic and everything, would of been cool playing with you. Also looks like its just us 2 in here
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