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Learning to shoot layups
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Default Re: When did you start playing basketball?

Started hooping when i was in 3rd grade for a rec team. Rode the bench cuz i was terrible. I had no idea how to play all i was good at was free throws lol.

My Dad and brother pretty much kicked my ass on a weekly basis till i was about in 8th grade.

Got pretty good by taking a year off from competitve ball and just did nothing but practice on my hoop outside my house by myself. I watched and1, nba, college and just got addicted to being better.

Started playing pick up again with college players at the base my highschool years, and just honed my skills from there. I practiced all the time, but im no where near where i though i would be. But that's life nothing guaranteed. Still love playing despite having job & kid. and still have same desire as if ive just started.

Nowadays, I have plenty of knowledge and skills, and i just try to help other kids at the park with their game. Because you wouldn't believe the type of advice some ppl give them

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