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Default Re: Score Article: Bargnani's Impressive Defensive Numbers

Originally Posted by lilbeastnani
Oh come off it. Bargnani is not a decent man defender, or a slightly above average one. He's a GREAT man defender. So he's not the greatest help defender, so what? Take a guy like DeAndre Jordan. He's a GREAT help defender and a terrible man defender. As a result, despite a tremendous amount of youth and athletic ability he can't stay on the floor for more than 25-30MPG tops. And consider the fact that he and Bargnani are making almost the same amount of money annually, i'd rather have a guy like Bargnani who is a great scorer, a good man defender and an average help defender and rebounder than a guy like DJ who is a great help defender, a good rebounder, a guy who contributes nothing on the offensive end other than dunks, and an awful man defender.

He is a pretty good help defender and hes getting better at help side defense, but he is a terrible rebounder I wouldn't even call him average at rebounding. That said I would rather have Bargs than DeAndre Jordan for the reasons you stated.
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