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Default Re: DeMar Derozan, Drew League Higlights

Originally Posted by kmart
Agreed all I ever wanted to see after his first year was that he can handle the ball better than he did. It looks the same though. All I hope for now is that got stronger and his shot got better.
Yeah, I mean I hate to devalue him as a player by saying this but...... i'm seeing a rich man's Joey Graham here. Call me crazy for saying that but when we gave Joey minutes, there were games where he was a dunk/midrange jumper machine. I say a rich man's JG because DD is obviously better at it and a better bball IQ. But that's what he can do. There's not much to his game, and he's not that good of a defender either. They compared him to VC when he came into the league and man were they wrong. Not that VC had the greatest handles either but they were much better than DD. And he was much more of a gifted player with a lot more potential.
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