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Default Re: who else is part of the "lakers will dominate the regular season and playoffs" club

The scary part of the lakers is that they have the potential to be a top 5 defensive team mainly because you will not want to drive on them with the best defensive center and a 7foot power forward. Then on the wing you got artest and kobe. This will be the first season since the title runs with shaq that kobe will not have to roam free to help (dwight got that) and can actually stay with his man.

They also have the ability to be top 5 offensive. Even if you view dwight as a negative trade off offensively with bynum, the addition of nash will alone be good enough for an additional 8 ppg. Also the lakers bench last year was terrible but now they got a guy that averaged 17ppg last season and finally got an adequate backup to kobe who can also give you 8-10.

my question is when was the last time that the league had a team in the top 5 of offense and defense? add that to the fact that the same team has two players at the top of their position, 1 player top 5-6 in his position and another in the top 10 of his. Thats more than scary
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