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Default Re: If Kobe Can't Win It All in 2013 Then He Should NOT Be Top 10

Originally Posted by jstern
Like somebody else said, someone that shoots 6-24 in a game 7 NBA finals shouldn't be top ten. For the last two years the Kobe stans have slowly put Kobe in the top ten, with constantly referring him as a top ten every where they could. It's very effective. Two years ago Kobe was referred to as a top 15 to 20 players by many unbiased fans who now say he's top ten, mean while during that time he has been sweaped by Dallas, and had those choke jobs in Dallas. He's a 41% career finals shooter, who unlike every other top 10 player doesn't have defining moments where he just stepped it up and put the team un his back. The only Lakers who has done that during Kobe's time is Fisher, hitting clutch shots and Shaq completely stepping it up during the Finals.

I guess Jordan shouldn't be top ten since he shot 6-19 in a close out NBA Finals.

Players should be judge by their body of work. Kobe's resume is easily among the ten best in NBA history.
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