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Default Re: If Kobe Can't Win It All in 2013 Then He Should NOT Be Top 10

Originally Posted by kennethgriffin
lol wtf...

when was the last time a guy in his 17th season won finals mvp

its never happend

kobe will be the first. so if he doesnt do it... its not like its a huge failure

lebron lost with 2 other hall of famers in their prime ( and himself in his prime ) to dallas with just basically dirk playing anywhere near his prime. and the only other HOF'r ( kidd ) not near an allstar level

plus... the heat are almost just as stacked as LA.

so itel be kobe/nash/howard/artest/jamison vs lebron/wade/bosh/lewis/allen

i say the lakers are better. but its not like the lakers have as big an advantage as the heat had over dallas in 2011 AND STILL LOST

so by the OP's logit. theres no way lebron should ever be top 10

Umm why did you not include Gasol?
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