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Default Re: who else is part of the "lakers will dominate the regular season and playoffs" club

Originally Posted by Dictator
I sure didn't say or imply that. Do you guys even realize that you hate LA so much you make yourselves sound stupid?

Damn. You act like Dwight, Nash, Jamison, Meeks, isn't an upgrade. If any other team would have gotten those players, you would be sloppering down their dikks this very moment. Fck dumbass. I didn't mention the heat. Instead of worrying about hating LA, you need to hope Lebron gets injured so your team can get past the wcf.

Trust me, with some of the ignorant Kobe d***riding you do, you make yourself look stupid more times in one week than most posters do in a year.

Besides, it was a joke. I'm just getting sick of Lakers fans thinking all their problems are now solved and they're clearly better than the Thunder. Of course the Lakers will be better, but don't sit there and act like OKC won't be better, either. Sometimes all it takes is your 22 and 23 year old core, coming off a Finals appearance, getting a year older and getting back a player like Eric Maynor to improve.

I wouldn't be slobbering all over any other team if they made these same moves, either. I don't hate the Lakers. I can't stand Lakers fans and the Kobe stans. Those are the ones that make this place borderline unbearable at times.

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