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Default Re: who else is part of the "lakers will dominate the regular season and playoffs" club

Originally Posted by Dictator
I sure didn't say or imply that. Do you guys even realize that you hate LA so much you make yourselves sound stupid?

Damn. You act like Dwight, Nash, Jamison, Meeks, isn't an upgrade. If any other team would have gotten those players, you would be sloppering down their dikks this very moment. Fck dumbass. I didn't mention the heat. Instead of worrying about hating LA, you need to hope Lebron gets injured so your team can get past the wcf.

That's true that people act as if it's no big deal. I guarantee that if Dwight went to the bulls people would say they could be champs, so putting him with Kobe, Nash pau and Jamison will give them less???
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