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Default Re: who else is part of the "lakers will dominate the regular season and playoffs" club

Originally Posted by Dictator
Your dumbass thinks anyone who says Kobe's a good player is a dickrider.
That's not what I'm saying or doing. If I see someone like kennethgriffin starts a thread like "Why Kobe is >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> than Hakeem" or "Why Shaq isn't even close to Kobe all-time", and people come in there and make other baseless arguments or simply agree with him without putting anything into context, that's when I call them a stan. If that's not you, then I apologize.

I'm sick of you retarded posters being biased becuse you hate Kobe. No it wasn't a joke you fck.
Yes, it was a joke dumbass. If you thought I was being serious after I said the Lakers will "Fo, fo, fo, fo" their way to a championship, then that's your problem.

What kind of celtics fan hypes up the Heat, a team your team will probably never beat until Lebron or Dwade retires.
Find one post where I've hyped up the heat. Find a time or post where I've "hyped" up the Heat and said there's no way the Lakers can't beat them.

Oh, and I'm not a Celtics fan, but good try.

Didn't you even watch the fcking finals. Westbrook was sprinting through PNR's like on one was on the court. Lakers were 3 games from being in the finals, with no bench. Of course they've gotten better. Any average troll can notice that.
And I am a Thunder fan so yes, I did watch the Finals, and their other 15 playoff games. You'll have to help me out, because I can't seem to remember anywhere where I said the Lakers didn't get better.

I don't even know why you would give a fck about the thunder either. They'd straight chit on your team.
I guess the avatar didn't give it away? Why would I have one of Durant, Westbrook, and Harden if I was a fan of another team?

Originally Posted by Dictator
Anyway.....what kind celtics fan rides the dick of the team that just beat you in the wcf. If anything, you should be hoping LA, or the Thunder crush the Heat.The fck kind of chit is that?
Even if I were a Celtics fan, how would they have just been beaten by the Thunder in the WCF?
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