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Default Re: who else is part of the "lakers will dominate the regular season and playoffs" club

Originally Posted by KG215
That's not what I'm saying or doing. If I see someone like kennethgriffin starts a thread like "Why Kobe is >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> than Hakeem" or "Why Shaq isn't even close to Kobe all-time", and people come in there and make other baseless arguments or simply agree with him without putting anything into context, that's when I call them a stan. If that's not you, then I apologize.

I never start those types of shitty threads. I've only made 3 threads I think, one was about Dirk being Married, the other one was "what is Scott Brooks doing?, and the third one was about a nba player's life. Hell, most of the time I report those threads, because I know you guys get tired of trolls posting retarded nonsense.

I really don't give a fck tho, just seems like everyone keeps saying the thunder is so much than LA. We'll see in a few months. I'll be leaving now.
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