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Default Re: If Kobe Can't Win It All in 2013 Then He Should NOT Be Top 10

Originally Posted by game3524
6-19 is still terrible anyway you try to spin it.

Kobe shot poorly in game 7 of that series, but he contributed in other areas of the game(rebounding and defense).

and lmao at saying Kobe has no defining moments.

The man scored 81 points!

20 years from now, people are still going to remember that over anything Hakeem and maybe even Bird did.

When people talk about defying moments where the player got in the zone and took over to beat a team in a series when everything looked doubtful, hitting clutch shots after clutch shots in those situations. They're always talking about the playoff, not some meaningless game against the worst team in the league. The regular season was the furthest thing from my mind.

Nobody talks about Jordan's 69 points as one of those moments, and other such regular season games, it's in the playoffs. That clutch steal by bird to beat the Pistons. The Flu game, Jordan's last shot. Those kinds of moments, on a big stage. Not against the Raptors who cared so little about that regular season game that they were barely lifting their hand up whenever Kobe shot.

Even Lebron has bigger moments. Kobe has had the opposite, like those 4 air balls against Utahs. It's the opposite of those moments that I'm talking about.

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