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Default Re: Mike Brown: Steve Nash will Quarterback the team

Originally Posted by DKLaker
Give Nash some rest??? Do you really think Mike Brown is as smart as you are???
Remember how many minutes he played Kobe and Pau???
The clueless one will run Nash ragged

Hmmm......does this mean we are NOT getting Eddie Jordan?????
You make a valid point about what happens when the backup is in. Without Eddie Jordan, Nash will have to train the backup PG's.........Wow...Mike Brown is really earning his
Yes, it's a HUGE issue on how MB will use Pau....last year was idiotic.
We cannot run a Princeton variant offense unless we have a coach to implement it.......and Eddie Jordan hasn't been signed.
What if MB the non-bright, decides he can do it himself

Last season was really different. No training camp, very limited preaseason games, not enough reliable players including World Peace shooting 17% from the 3pt line, Bynum missing the first 4 games plus the intense pressure to win and not lose too many games to prevent dissention and mistrust etc.
About the possibility of Brown deciding that he can do all the coaching by himself, I doubt it. He immedietely hired Kruger and tried to get Mike Malone, his old assistant back in Cleveland.
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