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Originally Posted by IGotACoolStory
None of which has ties to the basketball program right now.

If it does? It wouldn't completely shock me. I bet nearly every major program has something similar. You always see recruits (particularly in football) go JC because of grades and then struggle to and extent there... Then miraculously they make the Dean's List at the university for the next 3-4 years.

There's a formula so I don't know how you can argue the results unless you disagree with the way they were come to. I am a little surprised how much separation UNC and UCLA have from 3+. And it's just sad that Indiana isn't with the rest of the blue bloods. One spot be it.

Kind of surprised Princeton is so high. And Murray State, who I honestly don't remember before the past couple seasons...

The rest seems rather accurate to perception.
They penalize sanctions. That's why IU is "only" 7th. Though they should unquestionably be above Louisville. But the numbers are the numbers I guess.
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