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Default Re: Trades,Free Agency, Draft Thread

Originally Posted by knickscity
If anything I would think the fact that teams didn't double off of Rondo is a testament to how good they feel he is.

As far as his offense goes, the guy gets the points when they are needed, and he does so much more than that to impact a game.

We've seen it with our own eyes in the playoffs.

Huh? Teams backing off of him and not guarding him is a testament to how good he is?

If we had CP3 or rondo we would be #2 seed in the east

I don't care what the stats say. Nor do I care what finals he's been to. CP3 and Rondo aren't even in the same category. Rondo does not make us a guaranteed 2nd seed. Cp3 makes us title contenders immediately. If we had CP3 with thi current team, I think we'd be ahead of even Miami. He's that good. With Rondo, I can't say that. We'd be better though.

As for Rondo scoring, what I saw was Miami saying, I dont care how much he beats Mario Chalmers. We'll take that over KG, Ray or Pierce geting hot. That's a testament to those guy IMO. Rondo did his job.

This is exactly why i was head over heels over Lin. If you can't consistenly win a matchup vs Mario Chalmers, then you putyour team at a disadvantage offensively because now they can put him on you ad focus on your stars. Felton, JR, Tyson, Shumpert etc. sole job on offense is to make sur teams can't completely focus on shutting Melo and Amare down. Tyson hasn't done that. JR has but has been inconsistent. We need Felton to be that guy. He doesn't have to score 20 a game. We just needhim to make the defense work and for him to not be an afterthought in their game plan. It's called keeping the defense honest.
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