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Default Re: Mike Brown: Steve Nash will Quarterback the team

Originally Posted by tamaraw08
Last season was really different. No training camp, very limited preaseason games, not enough reliable players including World Peace shooting 17% from the 3pt line, Bynum missing the first 4 games plus the intense pressure to win and not lose too many games to prevent dissention and mistrust etc.
About the possibility of Brown deciding that he can do all the coaching by himself, I doubt it. He immedietely hired Kruger and tried to get Mike Malone, his old assistant back in Cleveland.

His offense in Cleveland was nothing but isolations for are making my point for me......doing what he did in Cleveland with the same people is flat out NOT going to work.
Again, all the EXCUSES for last season hold no validity because he did exactly what he did at Cleveland....nothing different......right down to not having a clue as how to manage a player rotation, minutes, run an actual offense, make adjustments......same old Cleveland issues, he is not remotely fit to coach an NBA team and we cannot sit around and hope this guy learns in the next ?? years.
We STILL do not have a single coach who can implement an effective offense......right now we have a beautiful plush limo with all the amenities inside......with a 15 year old student driver who always we have a cross country ride to make........Good Luck
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