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Default Re: Simple Basketball System?

I would recommend pick and roll, drive and dish, give and go, lobs, and utilize backdoor cuts.

If this league is a mostly "just for fun" league back door cuts are lethal, especially if you are playing against players with a lower BB IQ.

I loved lobs when I would play pickup games. My friend would take it to the hoop then just leave it up for me to go get. Whoever was on me usually wasn't expecting it because you wouldn't really expect a 5'11 white guy to be playing at the rim. Just lay it over the rim while in the air or come down with it, take a power dribble, then a nice little spin with a hook shot.

Give and go, drive and dish, and pick and roll should all be pretty self explanatory.

One last thing I would recommend is running some post isolation. As a post player, I loved getting the ball when I knew that I only had one defender far away from his teammates where I could potentially get in 3 dribbles before he had help. Leaves a lot of options open. Hook shots, running hooks, left spin, right spin, back him down, fade away off the glass, etc. My favorite move was to get right out side of the paint about 6 feet away from the hoop, get my man behind get my foot closest to the hoop in between him and the basket, spin in and give him a nice forearm tap on his hip on my way to an open layup.
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