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Default Re: Anyone here playing Sleeping Dogs?

Originally Posted by dunksby
It's a mediocre game you are trying too hard.
I like it better than GTA4. The story is better, the combat is way better, the driving is better. GTA had a more structured world but it rarely let you do what i wanted to do in it. The only thing i can say 100% was better in GTA was the cops, and the feeling of danger when they chased you.

I never cared for one second what happend to Niko or anyone else in GTA4, but i do in Sleeping Dogs. And don't get me wrong, i REALLY like GTA, i played through 4 and both expansions. I just like Sleeping Dogs that much too.

No multiplayer though, so for those of you that like that a lot (like Gobb), im sure it's a problem.
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