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Originally Posted by YAWN
The trade was a win win deal for all involved. The dodgers gave an insane lineup now, even without Crawford in the mix. Hopefully the change of scenery revitalizes Beckett to be a good #3/4 pitcher here in LA.

Dodgers are about to sign the richest TV deal in the history of MLB baseball as well so money will be fine. LA also makes more on ticket sales and concessions than Boston. This numbers would be more apparent in the playoffs when every ticket costs more and the games are all sold out.

37,000 cap - Fenway
56,000 cap - Dodger Stadium

RH Kemp to LH Gonzalez to RH Ramirez to LH Ethier. Nasty.

And a little overshadowed right now: Ethier is 10-10 in his last 10 at bats!
This is wrong. No matter how much money you have, it's never smart to spend it poorly. The fact that they gave up any talent in this deal at all is just mind boggling
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