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Default Re: Trades,Free Agency, Draft Thread

Originally Posted by Da KO King
What you did is a textbook example of a strawman argument. I've read enough of your work here to know you are too intelligent to not have gotten my point. I know you're just being stubborn about acknowledging my point.

Johnny Flynn has not done what I expect from him thus far but you don't write a player off until he complete's his fifth season. Especially if said player has dealt with some injuries.
You know I respect the hell out of you, but it's been a crazy summer around these parts.

I have no issue with Flynn regaining his form, just not here.

I'd try to staff him on our d-league and see what's up there.

I just don't see Flynn regaining his game.

I also think that the pg position is so stacked that if a player just is not cutting it, they may have to find their way on there own.

And for teams in this day and age, depending on your wing, you may not even need a playmaking point.

It's not like a big man, who can usually find a good paying spot as long as the are at least serviceable due to scarceness of quality bigs.

Point guards are literally everywhere in a dogfight to get NBA jobs.

But it's very easy for a point to find himself completely out of the league.

I know it's been a awhile but recall how Steve Francis went literally from all-star to vanishing act?

Strange position, but not one of development, if the player has a falloff.
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