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Default Re: Score Article: Bargnani's Impressive Defensive Numbers

Originally Posted by Qwyjibo
If anything, I'm hoping he can become an efficient scorer where that part of his game can somewhat offset his crap overall defense. He's getting to the line more which helps but his 3pt % has taken a nosedive and he's still throwing up almost 4 attempts per game. I don't know what happened there.

As of right now, I wouldn't feel comfortable playing him 35 minutes per game and having the intention of being a good team. But we all know that doesn't matter much. "Mediocrity with the illusion of contention", the Colangelo motto.

Really, I'm hoping the guys they put around him are able to mask his inabilities on D. I think you can 'hide' a guy to a certain extent in the right schemes, with the right people on the floor.

bokes - I'm not sure it's an effort thing with him at all, and I think it boils right down to b-ball IQ (which goes hand in hand with the help D issues). I mean, it's pretty tough to go 100% when you're busy trying to figure out where to be in the first place.

I'm going to ignore the other points out there about the importance of help D because, well... that's pretty dumb.
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