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Default Re: DeMar Derozan, Drew League Higlights

Originally Posted by bokes15
Even with that, his repetoire doesn't look expanded whatsoever. If you look up Terrance Ross's summer league highlights they look much more impressive than that. With DD it's always the same. Spot up jumper, run past somebody and dunk, ally-oop dunks. Great. Only thing I saw that was somewhat different was that Dirk style fadeaway he did. Other than that, it's the same old story.

Yeah I hear ya on DD's overall improvement.

I tend to take these sorts of vids with a grain of salt though, given the competition.

Also, the level of competition doesn't exactly breed an environment that helps personal improvement. I mean, he's playing guys who are at a level where doing what he's always done makes him look like a superstar. So these 'moves' (for lack of a better term) get a lot of play, get more work so he doesn't look foolish in front of nobodies, where he should be using these games (if he's going to play them - not a fan as I've pointed out in another thread) to 'test out' new stuff, looks and rep be damned.

That's some speculative stuff, and my own personal opinion, but if you're not driven as some like Kobe is, it's pretty easy to take the path of least resistance.
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