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Default Re: Anyone here playing Sleeping Dogs?

I played it pretty obsessively over the weekend, and I really really like it.

It is truely a GTA knockoff however, even more than most. But I don't have a problem with that.

My main enjoyment of it is that they took the best things about GTA, the open map, the miscelleneous collectables, the dark noir story telling, and combined it with a superior combat system, particularly the fighting, but the shooting and cover system isn't bad either, that makes me want to stop and fight whenever an enemy pops up on my map.

I did what I usually do, scoured the map for side missions and extras. Collected a bunch of boxes. Then did some of the dating, which opened up the health on the map, which I then pathologically tracked down all of. Got the cameras on the map, and chased down some of them. And the melee upgrade statues, and hunted down all of them except three that seem inaccessable at the moment.

I like tracking down the drug busts on the cameras, doing any face missions that pop up, and I'm even doing some of the fighting competitions, although they don't seem like they're something that's finishable, so I may stop going on them.

And I am plugging away at the story missions a little. With only two to work with, they sort of forced my hand a little.

My gripes are few. Mainly it's that it seems a little small, both in terms of physical size, and so far in terms of branching out the main story missions. Right now it's just cops and the water street gang. Green and Blue. No other way to go at the moment at least. And the map I've been completely around so far, but I'm not sure that's a bad thing necessarily.

The driving is a little wonky. The cars handle almost too tightly, the bikes especially. And like said before, the police are sort of a non-entity. They're actually no easy to lose, but there doesn't seem like much chance they'll catch you either.

My sincerest thanks to the people in this thread that prompted me to pick up this game.
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