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Default Re: Trades,Free Agency, Draft Thread

Originally Posted by knickscity
I said teams don't double off of him.

They give him space to shoot, but they don't leave him to help out.

Right now, Rondo is one of the best.

Not CP3 level, but damn near close.

No he's not lol Stop it. They give him space to shoot because HE CAN'T. Rondo is good when he's on a good team. CP3 is good even on a bad team. When you have 3 hall of famers who still have something left in the tank, it's not hard to get assists.

But that's enough about Rondo. Back to the Knicks. I don't know if it's because the Jets utterly disgust me right now but I'm extremely anxious for this season to start for some reason.
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