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Default Re: Andrew Wiggins vs Jabari Parker

Originally Posted by Dave3
Parker is a bigger and (will be) stronger Melo/Pierce in that he's got an excellent jumper but still has enough strength quickness to occasionally finish with the dunk. He's 6'9 in shoes and he has a 6'11 wing span and at 16 is already 220 pounds, so his size/strength will never be a problem. He's got a very strong shot from pretty much anywhere on the floor and can do both set and jump shots. While pretty explosive, he's not quite at the level of Wiggins in terms of speed, quickness, or hops. I can see him developing into a combo forward (not a tweener) that can play both forward positions really well, mixing up wing play and post play (especially because his strength as of now is better than his athleticism). Looking at absolute maximum potential he has more than Melo just because while both bigger and more athletic than Melo, he shows the jumpshot (for a 17 year old) that Melo does, as well as strong finishing around the rim. His ability t get to the rim isn't as crafty as Melo, but his size helps. Doesn't show great ball handling though.

Wiggins' comparison is more of a Durant/Kobe hybrid. He's very much like Durant in that he's long (though not as big as Parker, being only 6'7 in shoes, matching his 6'11 wingspan, but weight 30 pounds less) with a good but awkward looking shot. Like Durant he's more focused on scoring than playmaking, and is a rebounder too while using his length for blocks. He's also very athletic, definitely more so than Parker, and is very good at using that to get into the rim (like Durant) but he's not quite as physically dominant as a LeBron was in high school. He also gets a couple things from Kobe scoring wise. While only 17 he's very good off the dribble creating his own shot, and slashing to the rim using hop steps, spin moves, hesitations etc. His handle isn't quite super tight yet but he changes it up often enough that he's still able to consistently get to the basket. A lot of people compare Wiggins to Tmac, but he neither has the length nor height to compare to Tmac, as Tmac was a full 1.5 inches taller, and a 3 inch wider wing span. Tmac also showed more skill out of the post than I've seen from Wiggins so far.

His absolute ceiling can be a slightly more athletic Kobe (though not as good a playmaker) or a shorter Durant, depending on how well he works on his offensive versatility.

Parker's potential is a bigger and more athletic Melo.

Of course these comparisons can be thrown right out the window depending on if Wiggins grows a couple inches or if Parker gets more athletic (like Griffin did after college somehow) as they're both still just 17. As of now though, that's the best I see these players developing.

As for which one will be better in the NBA, it's very very close. One has size, the other has athleticism. Both can shoot, both have decent handles, and both while willing passers aren't born playmakers.
Great post there But who do you think is the best? Repped.

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