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Well, one of those reasons people were giving for your performance was that you were out of shape. And when you were at Syracuse and you were heavy, you werenít at your best, either. Do you think thereís a correlation there? Dion Waiters: Itís different for the NBA Draft, when you donít have to do nothing. It was a couple weeks between the draft and summer league. I still wasnít (in game shape). But now, you see me, thereís a big difference.

This is obviously a different part of your life. You are now into the real world. You have to do a lot of things for yourself. What has been the biggest challenge about that so far? Dion Waiters: Just having to say Ďnoí to a lot of people. People ask for things that they usually didnít ask for. You just gotta say Ďno.í Sometimes you might not want to, but you just canít help that person in that situation at that time. Thatís just basically it Ė just really watching your money and watching how much youíre spending and things like that.
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