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Default Re: Team News: Kupchak might be Lakers' true superhero

Originally Posted by DKLaker
We all already knew what a spectacular job Kupchak has done for the Lakers, the thing that stuck out the most was that he said Dr. Jerry Buss made the call on this deal, there had been much debate that it was Jimmy showing his guts but as it was said in another thread, the deal was textbook Dr. we know.

the thread you talked about.

"Dr. (Jerry) Buss is a very competitive owner," Kupchak said as a way of deflecting credit. "When it comes down to making a decision over a couple of dollars or a million dollars or 10 million dollars or putting another banner up, you know, he can't help himself. He chooses to go for the banner."

saying he is willing to pay the money though doesnt say he made the call. i am still not sure if it was jerry over riding jimmy..... jimmy agreeing with the trade or Kupchak making the end run around jimmy and going to dr buss directly.

for the most part Kupchak been getting the respect for the fans. the picks and signings are not 100% dead on but you cant get everything right. at least he been able to get out from under some of the bad contracts. some people cant figure out at times you have to take 1 step back to take 2 steps forward.
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