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Default Re: Official Comic Book Match-up VI

Originally Posted by Anti Hero
Round 3... Fight!

Justice League Watchtower

MagicC forfeit Vs. Anti Hero: Ulrton (prep)
El Kabong Jean/Cyclops Vs. EnoughSaid: Doomsday (prep)
HeyHey Juggernaut Trump Selene Vs. Loneshot: Impulse (Bart Allen) Trump w/Mongol (Prep)
ZeN Hal Jordan GL Trump Supreme Vs. Jailblazers: Mr. Majestic
TimmyD Firestorm Vs. Raiderfan: Cyborg superman(prep)

Too bad Selene and Juggs aren't prepped. Because the way i see this going is it being a two on one real fast. As Bart can not only run far greater than the speed of light, but has the ability to create duplicates of himself make a defense against him much harder against these two:

So what's to stop Bart from blitzing Selene with multiples of himself and just beat the hell out of her, punches coming from everywhere, she's KO'd before she has a real chance to cast any spell or use her power to drain anyone of their life force. Show me a feat in which she stopped someone as fast as Bart and we can pretend he can't do this to her in seconds.

And Juggs being all unstoppable and such. Shouldn't a prepped Mongul get access to his accessories as well, like being able his dimensional inversion cube in which he would use to trap Juggs in as he has done with the Justice League before?

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