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Default Re: When did you start playing basketball?

Originally Posted by Stuckey
I started when I was 17. I would practice jumpshots and set shots with friends during lunchbreak in highschool. Eventually I joined in on the pick up games. I knew nothing about plays, pick n rolls, none of that until I started watching NBA. I learned a few things here and there from the commentators.

The following summer I practiced shooting religiously, copied a few MJ moves like the ball fake and drive, the turnaround jumper but mostly shooting.

I'm physically inferior to most of my competition so I'm strictly and Steve Kerr type of player
Same! I started around 17 playing with my sister's boyfriend and his friends who were pretty good. I was mainly a defender even though I was only 5'7 but I had pretty long arms which helped. My only offense was mid range shots but I started getting better at driving and my dribbling vastly improved after lots of practice.
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