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Default Re: Andrew Wiggins vs Jabari Parker

Originally Posted by Shade8780
Great post there But who do you think is the best? Repped.
They're both 17 and so good it's really hard to make any predictions. I'd say as of this moment Wiggin's might be very very slightly better. If he grows an inch or two more though, he'd have by far the more potential because he already has crazy hops and decent speed/quickness.

As of now though, for potential I'd go with Parker just because he's huge. His future will be post though because he's got a really big base (his legs are really big) so strength will never be a problem with him, but he might gain so much weight that mobility on the wing might become troublesome after years in the league. If he can stay small though (220 like he is now) he can be a crazy perimeter player just because of his size and arm length he'll both shoot and finish over anyone else on the wing.

For Wiggins though, I recently saw a couple highlights of junior LeBron and Wiggins looks better than that version of LeBron. The difference is LeBron got much bigger and more physically dominant by his senior year, and if Wiggins makes that jump he might be a better rookie than LeBron. If he stays the same size he'll still be great but 6'7 (in shoes) 195 lbs doesn't scream out dominating in the NBA. Not everyone is Michael or Kobe, being 6'6 and dominating the league is very very rare. Reason I'm talking about dominating the league though is because they both show crazy upside. For 17 year olds, neither of them has a real big weakness (like for LeBron it was his jumper, Durant it was his strength and ball handling, Griffin it was his shooting and free throws, etc.) Every rookie has had big problems somewhere or another. These guys have crazy overall game for some reason. It's exciting to think what they can do in the league.
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