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Default Re: Playoff Teams in Each Conference Prediction

Originally Posted by niko
9-7 is two more losses than 11-5 and means missing vs. making. Saints have had too much bullshit in the offseason and although they talk a good game (circle the wagons, etc.) i haven't seen it, rather i've just heard endless WOE IS ME whining. I think it carries over, hurts them and they miss at 9-7 in a competitive NFC.
You are clearly retarded. Atlanta is an average team and Carolina is still a year from playoff contention. The Saints offense hasn't missed a step. The defense is banged up but better than it was under Gregg Williams last year. 9-7, what a joke.

And aren't you the same idiot who when the "wiretap" stuff against Loomis was brought up said that he's probably guilty and I'm naive to believe him. Flash forward and they found no evidence of any such thing, just a disgruntled ex employee.
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