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Default Re: Official Guild Wars 2 thread

Originally Posted by Pushxx
Steam sales are the shit. I get so many games for cheap I can't even play them all lol.

I'm gonna follow this thread to see what happens. Want to see if GW2 is worth getting. Feedback from anyone playing it?
I played WoW for like 6 years and then I played SW:TOR for a few months. This looks better than both and plays better than SW:TOR. The ui and layout is a little different than I'm used to but it works. I'm still learning some of the key binds and stuff but it's very enjoyable so far. I'm only level 8 so I can't say anything about dungeons or pvp yet but we shall see soon enough. I like the Hunter mechanics so far. Pretty similar to a hunter in WoW. I wish the interface had more buttons but I'm sure I'll get used to it after I learn what is what. Overall good impressions so far. I was excited for TOR and this feels much better after my 1st few hours.
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