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Default Re: Team News: Kupchak might be Lakers' true superhero

Originally Posted by DKLaker
Ok, here's the problem.......Stars today do not want to be put on an island alone, they want to know they are joining a team that can win and ownership who are committed to winning. Who the hell wants to join a team with no history of winning a title nor big spending and currently has no star?
Sure, you get paid......then what? Get your @ss kicked by mega teams?
Let's say YOU are a star, would you do that rather than join a winning franchise/top player(s).....I wouldn't.
The team ends up with a ton of cap room and no takers.

Had they taken Bynum it would be far more easy to get other top players......maybe that gets Bynum to stay, if not you still have all that cap room to work just as they will now. As you said those draft picks don't mean much. All Orlando did is guarantee they will be mediocre at best for the next 5+ years.

I guess it would depend on the player's personality. Not all care about winning as much as they'll say it to fans. Some clock in, and clock out, and just have fun playing.

Perhaps they can attract a rudy gay type of player. Doesn't really show "will power". Someone who can sell jerseys, dunks, put up 20 ppg, then get their number retired. Those type of guys exist. Unfortunately their attitudes are the reason they aren't superstars. Im not saying its a bad attitude. I call them "C" players, because they do what their supposed to, but they do it at 100% rather than 110%.
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