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Default Re: Anyone here playing Sleeping Dogs?

Originally Posted by niko
BTW, a smaller city is better. It makes me remember when i first played GTA and i could drive anywhere practically by memory. The last GTA i needed the GPS often jsut to know where i was going. I'm pretty good with a lot of sections in this game.

I agree. I taxi cabbed all over the place in GTA IV because the driving was frustrating. It was crowded. The cops were all over and a little too attentive (although in this they may be a little too unattentive). There were too many hard angled turns. And the thing was so huge it could take twenty minutes to get from point a to point b. Fast travelling in the taxi felt like a necessary evil just to make the game playable, but it also didn't help in terms of learning the city.
The GPS in this is somewhat non-invasive, so it helps, but you still have to learn the city, because they really only give you the turns on screen.
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