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Default Re: Team News: Kupchak might be Lakers' true superhero

Originally Posted by ihatetimthomas
Simply put, they didn't want Bynum. They saw him as too much of a risk. They didn't want to commit to him long term. Plus, how would they be able to get any other top stars this season, even with Bynum? Not like they would have had a lot of $$ to spend this season. They would still be over the cap.

Here is a article on their thought process:

They are rebuilding the old fashioned way. Start from the bottom and hopefully draft well. This is better than what many teams do. Most teams live in mediocrity where they try to rebuild but still try to make the playoffs.

Look, I am not trying to back what the Magic got, bc any time you lose a superstar and get what they got you lose but it makes more sense after being able to sit and think about it.

lakerfreak, keeping Dwight was not a option this year. Do you understand how bad the relationship was? Do you think it would have been smart to bring Dwight back after all that transpired? Dwight screwed the Magic and any leverage they had bc teams knew he would be dealt.

Also, what would the point of keeping him this year be if he was going to walk anyways? Sure they end up in the playoffs, but after he leaves, they are stuck with no good picks. This deal solidifies a high lottery pick for them.

With what they did I do not see this franchise as being relevant for at least 6 you?

I see their only shot was to get a legit top player for Howard and they blew it. doesn't matter to me what Orlando was thinking, their front office is more incompetent than our scouting department which is being run by 24 year old Jesse Buss. Stupid is as stupid

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