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Default Re: Anyone here playing Sleeping Dogs?

Originally Posted by glidedrxlr22
It’s the environment. I’m tired of the big American city setting. That’s why games like Red Dead and Sleeping Dogs appeal to me…..they bring something new to the game….not just setting….gameplay elements too.

I'm mostly surprised GTA went back to the well with Liberty City, and now again with San Andreas. I just felt like there were other options.

DC would be a spectacular city to get the Rockstar treatment. As would Chicago, although it's a bit less iconic. All the DC monuments would make for perfect GTA set pieces, the political scene would play into their satirical writing perfectly. And it would really ground them into a setting like they were before this current Liberty City edition.

How about 60s/70s take on the midwest mafia scene, and it's connection to Las Vegas. Chicago, Kansas City, and Vegas/a redo connection of Las Venturas, as the three city sections. Time period gives you some usable cars, american muscle, the beginning of the european import, luxury sedans.

And the story could write itself. Basically Casino the game.

Instead we get a fresh take on something they want us to feel nostalgic about.
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