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Originally Posted by BallsOut
Lakers need to use the remainder of the mini MLE and pickup Barbosa. The man averaged 16pts on 40% 3pt shooting in the Olympics leading his Brazilian team.

He's a career 39% 3pt shooter and has excellent chemistry with Steve Nash. I like the Meeks signing, but Barbosa on the Lakers is really a no brainer. Find a way to dump Blake, preferably in a S&T to Indiana with cash to make it work.

I also wouldn't mind them using the remaining veteran's minimum, if they still have it, on Matt Barnes. He was their best bench player all season and injuries limited his productiveness/playing time in the playoffs.

PG: Nash | Barbosa | Duhon | Morris
SG: Bryant | Meeks | Goudelock
SF: Peace | Ebanks | Barnes
PF: Gasol | Jamison | Clark
C: Howard | Hill


This is pretty good, except I want DJO and Sacre to make the team, and I believe that they will because they both have the potential to be very good defenders. So maybe something like


That could work. That makes Morris the oddman out. But that would be fine because we need three point shooters, and Morris can't shoot. Most importantly, DKLaker gets to see his boyfriend(Goudelock) stay in a Lakers uniform.

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