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Originally Posted by kkinchen
This is pretty good, except I want DJO and Sacre to make the team, and I believe that they will because they both have the potential to be very good defenders. So maybe something like


That could work. That makes Morris the oddman out. But that would be fine because we need three point shooters, and Morris can't shoot. Most importantly, DKLaker gets to see his boyfriend(Goudelock) stay in a Lakers uniform.

KK You crack me up man

I don't think much of DJO nor Sacre......maybe I should think even less of them seeing how 24 yr old Jesse Buss is in charge of evaluating talent Those guys can play for the Defenders and prove themselves there. Hmmm....another left handed Odom

1. Blake is still with the team
2. Let's see how Morris looks in Pre-season.....but Defenders looks to be his season too.
3. Matt Barnes is NOT expected to return

Goudelock proved himself last year during a real NBA season, unfortunately Mike Brown is clueless.

I'm only in favor of getting a veteran BIG at this list is only Kmart and Birdman. Before anyone says it...NO Darko, Darko = Mihm
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