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Default Re: 3rd Annual ISH Money League

Nope, just working 80 hours this week and don't have time to post unless on lunch breaks.

Anyway, it was deff. a mistake, should have thought it through more, but it is what is I guess. If anything Maclin + Johnson + Ingram would have been a bit better, and a better RB, but whatever, it's done with, call it retarded/stupid sure.

Originally Posted by Playmakers Dad
The main reason I felt compelled to go on this tangent was because I took a peak at the week 1 match ups and low and behold Jazzfan is projected to lose to Primetime by 40 points, count them 40 points. While obviously yahoo projections are hardly great indicators of wins and losses when there is a point differential that large you can bet your bottom dollar that the favorite will win at a very high percentage.

Not only is Jazzfan projected to get blown out but he's not even starting Danny Amendola and Mark Ingram (rightfully so I might add, because they ARE NOT startable), the other two pieces involved in the trade. Does this seem strange to anyone else? So essentially in the preseason, JAZZFAN downgrades a WR1 for a WR3 (a mostly ineffective one at that) in order to get a deeper bench. This trade is awfully, Fuzzy.

I haven't even checked my line-up until now (working 2 jobs at 40 hours a week doesn't allow much time lately), I haven't had time to fully set them. I actually put in Ingram & Amendola who are both "projected" to have 10 points, and now it's a 20 point dog, would have been even if Ryan Matthews and Kenny Britt were in my line-up.

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