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Originally Posted by hawkfan
I'm sure that Joe D. wishes he had drafted Dwayne Wade.

Maybe Cleveland wishes that it had.

I think he wishes that he had drafted Bosh instead. Bosh would have been like a more obedient Rasheed. Rasheed has a further range though.

Originally Posted by DeuceWallaces
Darko, I've been a Darko fan since day 1 and wish he would have stayed but he hated it here. Not like we traded him for nothin; we've got a lottery pick coming unless the Magic have an amazing season, or an awful season.

I think that's exactly what the Magic are gonna have. Jameer Nelson with two rebounding monsters. Imagine if Darko beefs up just like Dwight Howard? Brian Hill has stated that Darko becoming bigger is very likely to happen. With those 2 at PF and C, I'd hate to see a team like Phoenix (Without Amare) with small men going against them.
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