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Default Re: Score Article: Bargnani's Impressive Defensive Numbers

Gents - just back from holidays... good article good debate.

1) Agreed this is nothing new.

2) Ibaka vs Barges is kind of the devil you know vs the devil you dont.... im my eyes you end up with a different type of player from a different "more traditional system" with a bunch of premium outside in wing men who can do so much that Toronto cant.... so the numbers are harder to compare....


3) This will be the season that says a lot cause Barges is no longer our Center in theory... at least as the season progresses.

In theory - Val (35 minutes) Gray (20 minutes) Amir (situational - rotation minutes in).

I assume Barges shifts his 35 minutes to playing the 4 and probably only has situational minutes at the 5. He should no longer be anchoring the paint and rotating on pick/rolls and drives into the paint.

Barges should be man up on the strong side boxing out his opponent for rebounds. His Defence RB average per game should be arond 5.5 assuming my projection of him playing the 4 are correct.

If they are less.....

The other worry is Barges does play the 5 (not as projected) because we have foul troubles in the above mentioned rotation. Amir has always had some troubles this way. Gray rarely gets the call but plays conservative enough he is not often in foul trouble... which leaves the rookie Euro league big man with a reputation for "some knocks" on fouls per game... yet to be determined...

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