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Default Re: 2012 College Football Discussion thread

Originally Posted by beer
let us have this... we would of struggled with this rice team last year and maybe even lost. hopefully the years of pain will finally end!

man, enjoy it. i'm just's rice rice has no experience on either side of the line. i do like hundley though...i think he's the best QB you guys have had in about a decade. i see you guys finishing up with 6-7 wins, which is a nice step forward. it really depends on hundley and franklin. i think your coach will pan out as well.

anyway, no one really jumped on this, but i'll just give my answers:

most overrated team? clemson. they lost a most of their starters on both lines and have a new defensive coordinator. there's just way too many moving parts there for me to think they do great. if i had to choose, i'd say v-tech finishes second in the ACC.

my secondary pick would be bama. don't get me wrong, i see them finishing top 5 but they lost a ton on defense. even if they reload quickly and saban is a great coach, guys like barron don't grow on trees. i just view lsu as the top team in the SEC. bama does have the best o-line in the nation imo, but i think lsu has the far better QB. he's the best pure passer lsu has seen since flynn imo and i'd take lsu's d-line as well.

third, i'd go stanford. hard to replace a couple guys like luck and fleener and the coach is still a question mark. i could put bama here, i'm not really going in order.

underrated? utah. huge o-line and they like to air it out. pac 12 doesn't exactly boast great secondaries so i think they could make some noise. they also can mix it up with white on the ground who is no slouch. i also think georgia is getting overlooked.

la tech is also underrated.
surprise teams(s)? arizona. i don't think they'll finish top 3 or even maybe top 4 in the pac 12, but watch out for an upset.

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