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Default Re: 2012 College Football Discussion thread

Originally Posted by UtahJazzFan88
Utah's specialty is definitely not throwing the ball. However they are underrated, they have the best defense in the PAC-12 and John White is probably the best RB, but the QB position is a joke.

Utah vs. USC on October 4th could both be 4-0.

oh, they're certainly not going to rely on throwing the ball but i just think they may surprise some folks. they hang their hat on defense and pounding the ball. wynn will throw it regardless and pac 12 secondaries are just not that great. i don't agree with you that the QB position is a joke. i think wynn is serviceable and if they pick their spots, could make some big plays. i think their WR issues are just as big as their QB issues tbh. that's the one test to look out for since they are mostly solid everywhere else. i expect them to surprise some folks with the passing game but i could be wrong for sure.

that usc game will be huge. iirc, that's a thursday night game. if usc doesn't trip up there, they'll likely have to face oregon twice. if they get through that, they should make the nat'l title game with no problem, figuring they win out.

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