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When Nazr actually starts, which he didn't last year, he gets 8 RPG and just over 1 block per game. So we go from 11 to 8, plus Dyess will play more who's a good rebounder and we still have DD who's 3.5 million expiring contract we can trade or actually play him. He did start for the Pacers most of the year before we signed him.

We have a lot of young talent, if just one of them can contribute, likely being Carlos Delfino, it would be a huge boost to the bench. There's Maxiel, Acker, Amir Johnson, and Carlos Delfino. Delfino and J-Max would be the candidates to make a hefty contribution.

You must have seen the playoffs last year, and even the year before. Wallace is not the same guy. I would have loved to have him for 1, maybe 2 years, but the dude is in decline.

Our offense will get even better with Dyess. Only Chicago can come up and challenge Detroit and Miami as tops, but they sitll lack dominate inside scoring, which is what they needed, and in case you havent' noticed, defense isn't exactly the benchmark of the new NBA, it's scoring. Pistons will have a much better offense.

Prolly won't be as good, but there's no way they drop that far.

Every team is a serious injury away from struggling to compete for the playoffs.
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