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Default Re: 2012 College Football Discussion thread

Originally Posted by Wally450
Nc state is that bad. They had no business in a chic fil a Thursday night opener IMO

NC state isn't that bad at all. they were only 3 point underdogs. most of their offense and defense returns. they have arguably the best CB in the nation. glennon threw for over 3K yards last season. they had a back who led the nation in rushing. i didn't see the game so i can't say for sure but it wouldn't surprise me if that team wins 9 or so games this season.

from the looks of it, glennon had four interceptions (not sure which were his fault) and it's hard to win ball games like that. my guess is that they fell behind early, were forced to throw it to get themselves back in the game and simply didn't get a chance to run with washington and greene as much as they'd like. glennon's decent but he's not going to march down the field and lead your team to multiple TDs.

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