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Default Re: European Basketball Leagues 2012-13 Club Budgets

Originally Posted by Fiba basketball
Where did you found info about Partizan ? They are always saying how they have very small budget but I can't find anywhere how big it is .

This is what I got on Partizan from their "source". Actually, I forgot to add in the youth teams on the cost.

Base salaries of the players = €2 million euros

Costs of the players (apartments, etc.) + taxes = €550,000 euros

Expenses of the team = €200,000 euros

Arena costs = €100,000 euros

Trainers, therapists = €100,000 euros

Doctors = €150,000 euros

Front office = €200,000 euros

Coaches = €700,000 euros

= €4 million euros for the senior team

Youth teams = €500,000 euros

= €4.5 million euros for the club's total budget

Partizan has the lowest or second lowest budget in Euroleague every year. It's pretty amazing what they do with their budget.

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