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Default ISH RapsForum top 10 dead or alive...

1. lilb - he's got the content on lock. He's witty, he's knowledgeable, he's always up for a challenge/debate and he's finally combined all of those things with a lil more maturity. Best poster in the game, a champion and a game changer. The LBJ of the Raps forum.

2. Legends66NBA7 - Been keeping the forum on lock in the summa. Stays original and consistent with the content.

3. JBaller - The old man has still got it. Perhaps some new reading glasses and a spell checker would do him some good... But he keeps it fresh and original. That right there? is GANGSTA!

4. Insidehoops - My man comes infrequently but he drops KNOWLEDGE BOMBS on the forum for our edumacation. He's like a pinch hitter. Thats what up!

5. Ton Ton - Don't know where is but when he's around, he's a fireball. Filled with energy and emotions, and somewhat of bball knowledge.

6. Chamberlain - Not gonna lie, I'm putting him here because of his recent admittance to enjoying the finer things in life. Banging b*tches, m*sterbating, and smoking a L. Thugnation stand up!

7. Bokes15 - 2nd best mod on the Raptors forum (although that's not saying much with Dr. Flunk being at the bottom of the pile. But occasionally drops knowledge bombs and keeps fairly fresh on the new content to add to the forum.

Disclaimer, there's not really 10 good posters on the site. So no further descriptions just the last 3 posters i'm seeing on the front page.
8. Blue Rap, 9. 00playboy00, 10. JtotheIzzo

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