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Default Re: 2012 College Football Discussion thread

Originally Posted by Snoop_Cat
Yessir. Alabama is overall better and it's definitely hindering his teammates too but as a QB, you need to be able to carry your team at points (especially if you're in the Michael Vick running mold).......

Do you think they should just put in Gardner at this point or whoever else they have?
I think he's capable of being able to carry them, although some of the shit he did last year they're gonna be more prepared for, but not against Alabama. He'll get a touchdown probably off a broken play. Or at least a huge enough gain that leads to a touch down.

Absolutely. I mean against Big Ten competition we should still get 9ish wins. Even though that's probably what we should have had last year and got lucky A LOT. So for that reason keep Denard on the bench unless it gets close, and let Gardner get some reps, because he's only a sophomore I believe? And then if it gets really ugly like 35+ play the freshman.

EDIT: wow Gardner's a junior.
Originally Posted by Wally450
The jets are probably gonna draft him to be another kick returner formerly known as a qb like brad smith at Missouri.
I can agree with that. He's not smart enough I think to be a wide out, or tall enough/bulky enough. But he'll definitely make a solid kick returner/punt returner guy.

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